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Yes, I have Bipolar II, and it is (mostly) well controlled. And anxiety, which is sometimes controlled. This blog is to document my successes and failures as I attempt to maintain a garden despite the above. Here's the pattern:

Spring: "Yea! I planted lots of vegetables that will grow big and yummy! I'm weeding! I'm watering!

Midsummer: I should weed. I should water. I should pick those before they're too big. (Insert anxiety here.)

Late summer: Weeds have eaten my garden, everything is overripe, and I let the stuff rot before I cooked/canned/froze it. I'm a terrible gardener. :( (Insert depression here.)

Despite my challenges, I manage to get a few good tomatoes, zucchini, and yes, pumpkins every year. Why do I torture myself like this? Because for me, this is profound therapy. Feeling earth in my hands, watching things sprout, digging, moving rock, and bathing in the early-morning sun nourish me. Nothing tastes better than a tomato, zucchini, or strawberry that grew despite all my bumbling attempts to kill it. If I can laugh through it, make others laugh, and inspire others, healthy or otherwise, to get out there and grow, then all the better.

Helpful: encouragement, support, shared stories of success or failure, and any and all gardening advice.

Not helpful: medication advice (I have great medical support); "try this great herbal stuff!" (I have a wonderful naturopathic doctor); or "quit complaining and just get over it!" (Believe me, I would if I could.)

Happy reading!

Friday, June 4, 2010


The bean poles I planted Wednesday night.

Scarlett runner beans. These should have beautiful red flowers.


One of eight pretty cabbages. The early sun was so glaring that the photo actually came out better in my shadow.

For some reason, Blogger wants this photo to be rotated counter-clockwise, but here is the compost mystery food five days ago...

...and now! Holy cow are we going to have a lot of something. This photo is after I pulled a dozen or so new little plants. They just keep coming!

Bushy, growing strawberry plant

A bean emerging through the mulch. All the beans, in all 4 rows, came up this year. Yikes!
Good thing I have a big freezer! Just remind me to pick them and freeze them...

Our first California poppy says "Good morning!"

The Fence that Keeps the Dog Out. But only Old Dog. Puppy could clear it by half a foot by the time she was six months old. Fortunately, she doesn't seem interested in tomatoes. She does, however, like chicken poop.


  1. This is a beautiful blog! As beautiful as your hobbies :) I am surprised and curious to be reading about your experience. I liked your blog! Keep posting! love